Shandong alldohua International Trading, Co Ltd ,China. is a leading high-tech enterprise and powerful producer on development,manufacture and distribution in the realm of pelletizing equipment as ring/flat die pellet mill,wood pelle mill ,mixer,drier,cooler,hammer mill.crusher, chipper,classify screen ect., which can be applied to the manufacture of granule in large nursery, feed mill, organic fertilizer plant, Chinese herbal medicine ,chemical industry, ect. We have several seasoned researchers and engineers who have an average of more than 15 years' substantial experience in the R&D of granulator products. Their professional industry experience, allows us to release the most cutting-edge products on a regular basis, keeping us abreast with the latest market trends. We have obtained quality management certification and a list of industry awards as following : China high-quality product Contact stressing and promise-keeping enterprises Technology innovation contribution award Shandong top-ten private enterprise Owing to advanced R&D and superior product quality, we have earned a good reputation among customers in many countries worldwide. Our products are exported to the US, Venezuela, Canada, Australia, Chile, Singapore, Sweden, UK, Ukraine and many other countries. Your satisfaction, my target. reminds us that quality is of key importance to providing customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information.

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